2030 GOAL

We have a solid commitment to the planet’s sustainability. We can’t afford to keep throwing garbage into the oceans nor polluting the atmosphere with unnecessary CO2. We want to be 100% sustainable by 2030 and we are working on more concrete actions to achieve our goal.

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grifo de cerveza selfservice
We know it is not always possible to keep a reusable cup on you, in case you want a beer, so we provide only 100% compostable cups that you can use more than once.
Working with compostable cups, means we eliminate 90% of the plastic our business could generate. Not to say, they are easy to recycle, you can throw them in the organics container!
Moreover, we always push for avoiding unnecessary single-use plastic and look for more sustainable alternatives. That is why we work together with our clients, so they can provide Tappy users with reusable cups in their venues.
Reforestación y sosteniblidad
It is well within our corporate philosophy that, for every Tappy we make, we must give back to nature what it has given us. We plant between 5 and 7 oaks, or other native trees, for every brand new Tappy that leaves our headquarters.
We believe our compromise with the environment must be solid.
Tappy - Carrito de cerveza inteligente
Our DNA is digital. We were in fact born a tech startup, and we have implemented technology to its best so we could reduce the paper we use. Our entire processes can be made online, such as the rental contracts, payments and so on. And we are trying to pass this on to our suppliers.